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Solar power system (photovoltaic generation) is an independent system: it collects sunlight and converts it into electrical energy. Through control and inverter equipment, it converts DC power into 220V AC power currently used in households. It uses lithium iron phosphate batteries as energy storage devices, which can effectively Provide electricity to users at any time. This kind of independent photovoltaic power station is currently mainly used in villas far away from the national grid, remote mountainous areas, urban suburbs, rural areas, etc.

Home solar power generation system (taking 5KW as an example) has significant economic and social benefits, as follows:

Economic benefits
Save money on electricity bills: Installing solar panels on your home can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills. By harnessing clean, renewable solar energy to meet home power needs, reliance on the traditional grid is reduced, resulting in significant savings on electricity bills.
Generally, the calculation of power generation is an average value, which means that in the calculation of solar energy systems, it is sunny every day. In this case, there are actually 10 hours of light per day, but the effective light in the calculation may only be 4 hours (this value is different in different regions).

A 5KW solar photovoltaic power station can generally be used as 5000W0.7 (optimal utilization ratio after various losses)4 (daily average effective light) = 14000WH (14 kilowatt hours)

State subsidies:

In many countries and regions, governments provide various financial incentives and subsidy policies to further reduce the cost of solar power generation for households.

Reduce energy consumption and cost expenses:

Households can effectively reduce air conditioning load and energy consumption through solar power generation systems, thereby further reducing energy consumption and cost expenses.

Social benefits

Environmental protection:

For every 1 kilowatt hour of electricity saved, 0.35 kg of standard coal and 4 liters of purified water will be saved, while the emission of pollutants such as 0.272 kg of carbon dust, 0.997 kg of CO2, and 0.03 kg of SO2 will be reduced. This helps improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote environmental sustainability.

Promote employment:

The development of the solar power generation industry has created employment opportunities in related industrial chains, including photovoltaic module manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Home solar power generation systems not only bring significant economic savings and benefits to families, but also have outstanding social benefits, including environmental protection and employment promotion. These comprehensive benefits make solar power generation a green energy solution worthy of promotion and application.


Karstsolar, based in Shenzhen, is a company dedicated to solar panel production and international trade. Founded in 2009, Karstsolar boasts extensive experience in solar technology and a remarkable track record in global market expansion. We take pride in delivering efficient and reliable solar solutions to clients worldwide.

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